2024 Hughes & Jones Music Fund – Application Deadline March 13, 2024

    Attention: All Clark & Washoe Counties Middle & High School Music Instructors.

    The Nevada Community Foundation is excited to announce that the Hughes & Jones Music Fund Grant Cycle will go live on January 16th, 2024! This opportunity is specifically available for public middle and high schools in Clark and Washoe County. Seize this chance to strengthen music education in Nevada public schools.

    Hughes & Jones Music Fund Grant

    In 2006, Charles L. Hughes and Alvin C. Jones jointly established the Hughes & Jones Music Fund with the singular objective of financing musical instruments for Nevada’s public schools. Their aim was to provide musical instruments to students who might face challenges in affording them, thereby allowing local schools to retain ownership for student use over the years.

    Please review the grant guidelines below:

    Funding Priority:

    The Hughes & Jones Music Fund serves the exclusive purpose of acquiring musical instruments for use in Nevada public schools. All instruments will remain the property of the school, available for continuous loan and use by participating students.

    In odd years, the fund focuses on rural county school districts, while in even years, emphasis is placed on the Clark County School District and Washoe County School District.

    Grant Amounts:

    The Hughes & Jones Music Fund will accept proposals in 2024 from all Clark and Washoe county public Middle and High Schools. Only one (1) proposal may be submitted per music program.  A school may submit more than one proposal, but if both submissions are scored to be awarded, the total awarded for the school would not exceed $7,000 and would therefore be divided between the music programs. In 2022, 31 worthy school programs were awarded $127,019.00.

    Application Process:

    To apply, click on the link below:

     Hughes & Jones Music Grant Cycle Application

     You will need to register/create an account.

    Once you’ve registered your account please take note of the information below:

    1. Under Portal Access, select “Grant Applicant”.

    2. Under Organization Name, please use the name of the school applying for funding. If the school name can’t be found, please select “Create New Organization” and enter the information for the school applying for funding.

    For any issues with accessing the application through the portal, please direct your inquiry to ncfsupport@nevadacf.org.

    Contact Nevada Community Foundation for more information.