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Our Financial Advisor Program

What is NCF’s Financial Advisor Program?

Partnering with NCF for your philanthropic journey means you maintain the comfort of working with your existing financial advisor. Together, we create a powerful partnership tailored to your preferences, ensuring your charitable giving has maximum impact — we call this philanthropic alpha.

By establishing a donor advised fund, endowment, scholarship, or any other fund at NCF to support your chosen causes, you unlock the potential for profound charitable impact. Your philanthropic journey is customized to empower you to make a meaningful difference efficiently and comfortably.

We highly value your relationship with your advisor, and our approach enhances their support, making the process seamless and comfortable for you. Your advisor continues to manage all investments on their platform, with the investment account under NCF’s tax ID for tax purposes. We collaborate with your advisor to maintain the right liquidity in our account for your grants, ensuring you can easily request grants via our online donor portal, phone, or email. All contributions are tax-deductible, and we provide tax receipts for your records.

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