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Individuals & Family Giving

A clear and tailored path to philanthropy.

The Nevada Community Foundation (NCF) partners with individuals and families to maximize and organize their charitable giving.

With Philanthropic Alpha, we generate greater impact through innovative, collaborative community investments. We assume the role of your private foundation, giving you access to a relationship manager, researchers, and subject matter experts.

Unparalleled experience with boutique service.

We’re Your Gatekeeper
When you’re inundated with charitable requests, let us handle everything for you. We provide exceptional service to all our donors, no matter your account size. You have access to a team of professionals dedicated to promptly answering calls and emails. Your giving is conducted in a confidential and secure environment.

We’re Your Subject Matter Experts and Researchers
At NCF, we expertly advise on decisions and approaches to achieving your philanthropic goals. We understand that each donor has a unique philanthropic blueprint. Whether you’re establishing donor advised funds or delving into scholarship funds, designated funds, or field-of-interest funds, we guide you every step of the way.

With the help of our Philanthropic Advisory Council (PAC), our goal is to empower you with effective and strategic solutions, ensuring that your charitable endeavors align perfectly with your vision.

We’re Your Administrator
We manage the administrative details so you can focus on the joy of giving.

We Offer Flexibility
Giving should be easy. There are many types of funds to choose from, allowing you to engage in philanthropy without unnecessary limitations and minimums.

  • No minimum initial contribution.
  • No minimum gift or grant amounts.
  • No limit to the number of successor advisors or charitable beneficiaries.
  • Timely disbursements

With succession planning, you can designate who you want to continue your philanthropy so they can continue to give in perpetuity. As a community foundation, we are governed by an independent board and are not connected to a commercial enterprise that can be sold, merged, or dissolved. We will exist to serve generations to come.

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Research & Insights

NCF has the expertise and ability to realize complex charitable goals – locally, nationally, and internationally.

Our Philanthropic Advisory Council (PAC) is comprised of Foundation Fellows and Researchers who are working to improve our community on many fronts. NCF brings together leading experts in philanthropy and advocacy to provide the highest quality of research, policy recommendations, and analysis on a full range of community challenges.

Our council shares their experience and expertise with us — and our donors — in an informal capacity, allowing us to access real-time information and knowledge.

The individuals on the council share NCF’s mission to build a better, more inclusive world where all community members can live and thrive. Through our united proficiency, we identify opportunities to maximize philanthropic giving, which benefits client relationships, donor satisfaction, and our shared community.

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