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For Financial Advisors

Our Financial Advisor Program

When you and your clients choose NCF for their philanthropic giving, everyone benefits!

Your clients unlock the maximum charitable benefit when they establish a donor advised fund, endowment, scholarship, or any other fund at NCF to support the causes close to their hearts.

As a financial advisor, you can seamlessly manage your clients' charitable assets after they donate to the foundation.

Here’s how it works:

  • You oversee all investments on your platform, with the investment account registered under NCF’s tax ID number for tax purposes.
  • We collaborate with you to determine the optimal amount to maintain in our liquidity account, which is used for your clients’ grants. We’ll proactively contact you to transfer cash as needed.
  • When your clients contribute cash, stock, or other assets to the fund, these donations are tax-deductible, and we’ll provide a tax receipt for their records.
  • Grant-making is straightforward. Your clients can use our user-friendly online donor portal to request grants from the fund to support the charities they are passionate about. Alternatively, they can submit grant requests via phone or email, and our dedicated Donor Services team will efficiently process and send the grants.

Contact us to learn more about how the Financial Advisor Program can benefit you and your clients.

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Discover Your Ideal Philanthropic Clients

As a financial advisor, it’s important to recognize clients who align with the profiles below, as they may be perfect candidates for a charitable fund. At NCF, we frequently collaborate with clients who:

  • Legacy Builders: Clients who aspire to create a lasting and meaningful legacy for future generations through charitable giving.
  • Tax-Wise Strategists: Those seeking the advantages of a charitable tax deduction now while retaining the flexibility to distribute to charitable causes in the future.
  • Tax-Efficient Growth Seekers: Individuals who want to grow their charitable contributions tax-free over time, harnessing the power of philanthropy to amplify their impact.
  • Life Transition Planners: Clients who find themselves in a significant life transition, such as the empty nest stage, nearing retirement, or actively engaged in estate planning, can explore how charitable funds align with their evolving financial objectives.
  • Business Owners in Transition: Entrepreneurs or business owners with plans to sell a private company can incorporate charitable funds into their wealth transition strategy.
  • Asset Holders with Tax Exposure: Clients holding appreciated assets, whether publicly traded securities or other complex assets, who face high capital gains tax exposure can benefit from tax-efficient strategies offered by charitable funds.
  • Privacy-Minded Investors: Individuals who value discretion in managing their wealth and philanthropic endeavors, appreciating the confidentiality offered by charitable funds.
  • Time-Conscious Clients: Clients with busy lives who prefer to have the administrative aspects of charitable giving expertly managed, allowing them to focus on their financial goals.

By identifying these clients and introducing them to the possibilities presented by charitable funds, you can enhance their financial planning strategies and help them achieve their philanthropic goals. At NCF, we are here to support you and your clients in navigating the complexities of philanthropic planning. Together, we can create a legacy of generosity that seamlessly integrates with their financial aspirations.

Contact us today to explore how charitable funds can become a valuable component of your client's financial plans and help them make a lasting impact on the causes they care about.

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I reach out to NCF and Gian Brosco when I have clients who are charitably inclined. They educate me around the different options available to my clients (even if it’s not with NCF). They do it quickly. And they do it in a way that makes me look good in front of my clients. Gian and the team at NCF consistently add value to my client relationships and to my practice.

Daniel G. Anderson, FWD Executive Director Morgan Stanley

NCF makes sure my grants are being used the way we intended by the charitable organizations we support.  Moreover, they look for ways to increase the impact of our giving at every opportunity.  Finally, we have peace of mind knowing that the community foundation is there to steward our children’s philanthropy and protect our family’s charitable legacy long after we’re gone.

Duncan and Irene Lee