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Create and Sustain Your Clients’ Legacies with Charitable Funds

NCF assists your clients in preserving their legacy of supporting charities. By introducing them to our diverse charitable fund options, you offer them a valuable service and the means to impact the causes that resonate deeply with them.

NCF is renowned for its adeptness in managing intricate charitable transactions. By partnering with us, you and your clients gain access to a seasoned team of professionals passionate about equipping donors to become organized, impactful philanthropists.

Our flexible charitable fund structures suit a variety of needs without stringent minimums for establishing or contributing to the fund. An administrative fee, assessed monthly, ensures each fund’s seamless operation and management.

Crafting Multi-Generational Philanthropy: A Conversation Worth Having

If philanthropy plays a role in your client’s legacy planning, consider introducing them to the diverse charitable fund options available at NCF, as detailed in our Types of Funds section.

These funds empower your clients to involve their children and grandchildren in their philanthropic journey, fostering values of generosity across generations. This approach helps cultivate the next wave of community contributors and facilitates enduring relationships between you, your clients, and their extended families.

At NCF, we cherish the opportunity to engage with families committed to giving.

Discover Your Ideal Philanthropic Client

As an attorney, it’s essential to recognize clients who align with the profiles below, as they are well-suited candidates for charitable funds. At NCF, we frequently collaborate with clients who are:

  • Legacy-Minded Individuals: Clients who aspire to establish and leave a meaningful legacy for future generations through charitable giving and philanthropic endeavors.
  • Tax-Wise Strategists: Those seeking the benefits of a charitable tax deduction now while maintaining the flexibility to distribute funds to charitable causes in the future.
  • Tax-Efficient Growth Seekers: Individuals interested in growing their charitable contributions tax-efficiently over time, leveraging philanthropy to maximize their impact.
  • Life Transition Planners: Clients who are currently experiencing a significant life transition, such as the empty nest stage, approaching retirement, or actively engaged in estate planning, can explore how charitable funds align with their evolving goals.
  • Business Owners in Transition: Entrepreneurs or business owners with plans to sell a private company can incorporate charitable funds into their wealth transition strategy.
  • Capital Gains Concerned: Clients with high capital gains tax exposure can benefit from exploring strategies provided by charitable funds to mitigate tax liabilities.
  • Privacy Advocates: Individuals who prioritize confidentiality in managing their wealth and philanthropic endeavors, appreciating the discretion offered by charitable funds.
  • Administrative Ease: Clients leading busy lives prefer expert management of the administrative aspects of charitable giving.
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By identifying and introducing these clients to the possibilities presented by charitable funds, you can enhance their estate planning and wealth management strategies significantly. At NCF, we stand ready to assist you and your clients in navigating the intricacies of philanthropic planning. Together, we can create a legacy of generosity that aligns seamlessly with their objectives.

Reach out to us today to explore how charitable funds can become integral to your clients' estate planning and wealth preservation initiatives.

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As a former estate planning attorney, himself, Gian Brosco (CEO of NCF) “gets it”.  He and the team at NCF are responsive, flexible and professional.  Whenever I introduce them to a client, they add value to the relationship and serve as a great partner and resource for my practice.

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