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Types of Funds

We Bring Your Client’s Philanthropic Vision to Life

Navigating the intricate world of charitable giving can be daunting. At NCF, our seasoned team, armed with an in-depth knowledge of diverse financial tools and industry best practices, is dedicated to offering insights that set the stage for your client’s philanthropic triumphs.

Reach out to us for a meeting, and together, we’ll identify the ideal avenue to honor and extend your client’s legacy of generosity.

All assets under the umbrella of NCF benefit from tax-free growth. Even when collaborating with a financial advisor, your client holds the reins to the fund’s investment strategy.

Choose a Fund That Matches Your Client’s Philanthropic Goals and Interests

When advising your clients on their philanthropic journey, consider a fund at NCF that aligns perfectly with their unique goals and interests. Our fund options cater to a wide spectrum of needs, ensuring that all assets held within these funds benefit from tax-free growth.

  • Donor Advised Fund (DAF) – When your client contributes cash or complex assets to a donor advised fund at NCF, their contribution becomes tax-deductible. These funds can be invested for tax-free growth, allowing your client to recommend charitable grant recipients on their own schedule.
  • Endowments – An endowed fund guarantees a lasting impact on the community through a permanent charitable fund. Your client’s gift is invested over time, and a portion of the fund’s market value is utilized annually for charitable grants. This ensures their gift remains preserved indefinitely, with funds pooled to maximize their benefit and investments tailored for long-term capital growth.Your client’s gift and all future earnings from it become a perpetual source of charitable community capital, preserving their legacy for generations to come.
  • Scholarships – Support for education can be channeled through a scholarship fund that invests in deserving students from pre-K through postgraduate levels. Your client has the flexibility to establish award criteria and participate in selecting scholarship recipients.NCF offers comprehensive support for scholarships, including assistance in identifying criteria, guidelines, and the application process, promotion of the scholarship opportunity via our website, acceptance of applications, verification of students’ eligibility, and processing of scholarship payments. The minimum amount required to initiate a scholarship fund is $25,000, and qualified charitable distributions from IRAs to scholarship funds are possible for clients aged 70.5 or older.
  • Designated Fund – A designated fund allows your client to support a specific organization of their choice. Establishing a designated fund to receive contributions grants your client the freedom to make donations to the chosen charity on their own timeline. They can set up additional designated funds if they wish to support multiple charities. Clients aged 70.5 or older can also make qualified charitable distributions from their IRAs to designated funds.
  • Field-of-Interest Fund – Field-of-interest funds are designed to align with specific funding focus program areas or communities. Typically established by individuals, families, or organizations, these funds ensure that your client’s charitable contributions are targeted and have a meaningful impact in their chosen area of interest.

Please note that this list of fund options is not exhaustive. To explore further and identify the most suitable fund for your client’s philanthropic vision, we invite you to contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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