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Elevate Your Clients’ Philanthropic Impact

Nevada Community Foundation (NCF) works with financial advisors, accountants, and attorneys to maximize their clients’ giving. We take pride in offering a wide range of philanthropic solutions to cater to your client’s unique needs.

Our approach, known as Philanthropic Alpha, represents a strategic departure from conventional grant-making and transactional philanthropy. It’s about actively participating in innovative and collaborative community investments to amplify the impact of your client’s giving.

We aim to optimize the effectiveness of your client’s philanthropic efforts by adopting a more proactive, forward-thinking, and holistic approach to addressing social issues and driving meaningful change.

With the help of our Philanthropic Advisory Council (PAC), our goal is to empower you with practical and strategic solutions, ensuring that your client’s charitable endeavors align perfectly with their vision.

We quickly bring you up to speed with expert advice in a way that makes you look good in front of your clients. NCF is your resource when your clients speak about philanthropy.

NCF is your expert for all things charitable.

Why Professional Advisors Refer Their Clients to Us


We recognize that your clients, influenced by their trusted advisors, establish donor advised funds and other charitable accounts. Our role is to provide you with streamlined, practical strategies to ensure your clients’ and future generations’ lasting philanthropic impact.

We offer a comprehensive array of charitable solutions, guiding clients through a range of available options, including donor advised funds, endowments, scholarship funds, designated funds, and field-of-interest funds.


We offer unparalleled service to your clients, no matter their account size. Your clients benefit from a dedicated team, always ready to address queries and concerns, ensuring a confidential and secure philanthropic journey.


Giving should be easy. Your clients can use charitable funds for all their giving without being constrained by unnecessary limitations and minimums.

  • No minimum initial contribution
  • No minimum gift or grant amounts
  • No limit to the number of successor advisors or charitable beneficiaries
  • Timely disbursements



With succession planning, your clients’ descendants can continue to give in perpetuity. As a community foundation, we are governed by an independent board and are not connected to a commercial enterprise that can be sold, merged, or dissolved. We will exist to serve generations to come.

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Charitable Legacy Solutions for Your Clients

As a financial advisor, accountant, or attorney, cultivating trusted client relationships is important. But what about the generations that follow? Children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren want to explore their family’s heritage, principles, and values.

Establishing relationships with your clients’ families today is a proactive step towards ensuring continuity in client relationships, especially post-wealth transfer.

You can deepen your rapport with clients and their families by fostering meaningful dialogues about their philanthropic aspirations. Our Philanthropic Advisory Council at NCF stands ready to support you, offering insights and resources that empower your clients to establish a lasting family legacy.

Expand Your Philanthropic Advisory Services

At NCF, we understand the unique needs of professional advisors when it comes to philanthropic advising. That’s why we offer tailored philanthropic advisory services designed to enrich your practice and benefit your clients.

Unlock the Full Potential of Philanthropy

Our valued partners, including financial advisors, attorneys, and CPAs, can leverage our complimentary consultative services to expand the philanthropic horizons of both themselves and their clients. By collaborating with our seasoned team of philanthropic advisors, you’ll have access to a wealth of expertise and resources.

NCF Offers:

Nonprofit Connections: Our Philanthropic Advisory Council (PAC) can help identify, research, and establish meaningful connections with nonprofit organizations that align with your clients’ philanthropic goals.

  • Grantmaking Expertise: Receive guidance on best practices in grantmaking, ensuring that your clients’ charitable contributions have a lasting and meaningful impact.
  • Values, Priorities, and Goals: We facilitate thoughtful discussions with your clients to help them clarify their values, priorities, and long-term philanthropic goals.
  • Custom Charitable Legacy Plans: Collaborate with us to develop custom charitable legacy plans that reflect your clients’ aspirations and leave a lasting mark on the causes they care about most.

By partnering with NCF, you and your clients gain access to a suite of philanthropic advisory services that elevate your practice and empower your clients to make a difference in the world. Together, we can create a legacy of impact that extends far beyond today.

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Collaborative Approach to Fulfilling Your Clients’ Charitable Aspirations

Whether your clients are looking for a deep dive or a quick solution, we can work together to serve your charitable clients in several ways.

You know your clients best. Clients might want to engage multiple generations in discussing values and influences or they might want a quick roadmap and solution. We can provide both, and our level of involvement is completely up to you.

We invite you to use our services alongside your clients to strengthen those relationships further.

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