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Types of Fiscal Partnerships

Exploring Fiscal Partnerships with NCF

At NCF, we recognize the transformative potential of fiscal partnerships in amplifying the impact of charitable endeavors. These partnerships offer valuable support, resources, and guidance to both emerging and established initiatives.

Below, we outline three fundamental types of fiscal partnerships that can empower your mission and enhance your influence:

Three Fundamental Types of Fiscal Partnerships:

  • Fiscal Agency:

    A Fiscal Agency agreement is a legal arrangement where NCF accepts restricted funds on behalf of an unincorporated project or group that shares the nonprofit’s mission. This empowers the group to pursue grants and solicit tax-deductible donations under the nonprofit’s tax-exempt status.

    Meanwhile, NCF ensures that the funds are dedicated to charitable purposes and manages administrative functions. It’s a collaborative approach that combines legal compliance with efficient resource management.

  • Supporting Organization:

    A Supporting Organization operates within the framework of a larger nonprofit, maintaining a close relationship while retaining a degree of autonomy. Structured to execute its own programs, initiatives, or purposes in alignment with the parent organization’s mission, this arrangement offers several advantages.

    It fosters administrative efficiency, enables shared resources, and leverages the established reputation and infrastructure of the parent nonprofit. It’s a synergy that allows both entities to thrive while pursuing distinct goals.

  • Community-Supported Fund:

    Community-Supported Funds represent collective philanthropic endeavors, typically initiated by community members to address specific causes, projects, or local needs. These funds thrive on community engagement and contributions, allowing donors to pool their resources for a more substantial collective impact.

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NCF can facilitate and manage such funds, ensuring transparency, accountability, and alignment with community objectives. It’s a collaborative effort that empowers communities to collectively drive positive change, without burdening one community member with housing the funds and handling daily activities.

Whether you’re embarking on a new initiative or seeking to expand an existing one, exploring these fiscal partnerships can be a pivotal step toward realizing your vision and contributing to the creation of a brighter, more compassionate community. NCF is here to guide you on this journey, providing the expertise and support you need to make a meaningful impact.

Join us in building a better future together. Contact us today to learn more about which fiscal partnership is best for you.

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