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Advise Your Clients on Charitable Giving

NCF offers a range of charitable funds tailored to meet each client’s unique philanthropic aspirations. When your clients contribute cash, stock, or more intricate assets, they enjoy optimal tax benefits and hassle-free documentation, streamlining the process for you and them.

In partnering with NCF, you’re aligning your clients with a renowned leader in philanthropy. Establishing a charitable fund with NCF comes with no minimum contribution requirement. There are no stipulated minimums for further gifts or grants pertaining to the fund.

Your Client’s Charitable Giving and Tax Savings

NCF offers several charitable fund options, each tailored to fit every client’s philanthropic aspirations. Leveraging these funds can enable your clients to optimize their tax benefits while upholding their commitment to supporting charities locally and nationally.

As NCF stands as a public charity, contributions to our diverse charitable funds grant clients the highest tax deductions permitted by law. By contributing appreciated assets, potential capital gains taxes can be avoided. A singular, streamlined tax receipt accompanies every contribution to these charitable funds, simplifying the process regardless of the number of charities your clients choose to support.

Discover Your Ideal Philanthropic Clients

Consider whether your clients align with the profiles below – they may be exceptionally well-suited for a charitable fund. At NCF, we frequently collaborate with clients who are:

  • In Transition: Clients who find themselves in a transformative phase of life, such as the empty nest stage, approaching retirement, or engaged in estate planning, can benefit from exploring charitable giving as a meaningful way to shape their legacy.
  • Legacy Builders: Those who aspire to create a lasting and meaningful legacy for future generations through charitable contributions and philanthropic endeavors.
  • Tax-Wise Givers: Clients seeking the advantages of a charitable tax deduction now while maintaining the flexibility to distribute funds to charitable causes in the future.
  • Tax-Efficient Growth: Individuals who wish to grow their charitable contributions tax-free over time, harnessing the power of philanthropy to amplify their impact.
  • Asset Holders: Clients holding appreciated assets, whether publicly traded securities or complex assets, and facing high capital gains tax exposure can explore tax-efficient strategies through charitable funds.
  • Business Transition Planners: Entrepreneurs or business owners planning to sell a private company can leverage charitable funds as part of their wealth transition strategy.
  • Privacy-Minded Philanthropists: Individuals who value discretion in managing their wealth and charitable giving, appreciating the confidentiality offered by charitable funds.
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By identifying clients who resonate with these descriptions, you can introduce them to the transformative possibilities of charitable funds. At NCF, we’re here to help you and your clients navigate the philanthropic landscape, ensuring that their charitable giving aligns with their unique goals and values. Together, we can create a legacy of generosity that leaves a lasting impact on the causes that matter most.

Maximize Your Client’s Charitable Giving

Clients may avoid capital gains tax on gifts of appreciated assets. NCF is a public charity, so your clients will receive the maximum tax deductions allowed by law for their donations. Even if your clients would ordinarily take the standard deduction, now at higher levels under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, they can continue to support the charities they care about with the help of a donor advised fund and a tax strategy known as bunching.

There is no minimum dollar amount required to establish a fund.

Reach out to us today to explore how charitable funds can become integral to your client's financial planning and legacy-building strategies.

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