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Types of Funds

Unmatched Adaptability to Craft Your Philanthropic Vision

Navigating the intricate world of charitable giving can be daunting. At NCF, our seasoned team, armed with an in-depth knowledge of diverse financial tools and industry best practices, is dedicated to offering insights that set the stage for your philanthropic triumphs.

Reach out to us for a meeting, and together, we’ll identify the ideal avenue to honor and extend your legacy of generosity.

All assets under the umbrella of NCF benefit from tax-free growth. Whether you opt for our curated investment portfolios or collaborate with your financial advisor, you hold the reins to your fund’s investment strategy.

Choose a Fund That Matches Your Philanthropic Goals and Interests

From our simple and effective donor advised funds to specialized funds geared toward corporations and nonprofits, all assets held in our funds are invested and grow tax-free.

  • Donor Advised Fund (DAF) – When you contribute cash or complex assets to a donor advised fund at NCF, your contribution is tax-deductible. Your funds can be invested for tax-free growth, and you can recommend charitable grant recipients on your timeline.
  • Endowments – An endowed fund ensures lasting community impact through a permanent charitable fund. Your gift is invested over time, and a percentage of the fund’s market value is used annually to make charitable grants. Your gift is preserved forever, with the funds pooled for maximum benefit and invested to achieve long-term capital growth.Your gift—and all future earnings from your gift—are a perpetual source of charitable community capital. And your legacy is preserved for generations to come.
  • Scholarships – You can support education through a scholarship fund that invests in deserving students from pre-K through postgraduate. You can set the award criteria and serve on a selection committee to choose the scholarship recipients.

    NCF will:

    • Help identify criteria, guidelines, and application process
    • Promote the scholarship opportunity via our website
    • Accept applications
    • Verify students’ eligibility
    • Process scholarship payment

    The minimum amount required to open a scholarship fund is $25,000.

    You can make a qualified charitable distribution from your IRA to a scholarship fund if you are 70.5 or older.

  • Designated Fund – A designated fund lets you support one specific organization. Setting up a designated fund to receive your contributions gives you the freedom to donate to the charity on your timeline. You can set up additional designated funds if you wish to support more than one charity. You can make a qualified charitable distribution from your IRA to a designated fund if you are 70.5 or older.
  • Field-of-Interest Fund – A field-of-interest fund is aligned with a distinct funding focus program area or community. These funds are typically created by individuals, families, and organizations who want to ensure their charitable dollars are used for targeted giving.
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