Benefits of a Charitable Fund

A Flexible and Convenient Way to Help Advance the Causes You Support

Establishing a charitable fund with NCF is more than a generous act; it’s a strategic move towards lasting community impact and personal fulfillment.

Here are some key benefits of setting up your charitable fund with NCF:

  1. Tailored
    Philanthropic Approach

    As a donor, we work with you to understand your definition of philanthropic success. NCF helps you reimagine your impact on the community through philanthropic alpha – moving beyond traditional grant-making and transactional philanthropy to maximize impact by engaging in innovative and collaborative community investments.

  2. Tax-efficient
    Giving with NCF

    NCF offers a tax-smart approach to philanthropy. Donations to your charitable fund are eligible for tax deductions, and assets held within grow tax-free, optimizing your contributions and maximizing your charitable reach. If you’re working with a financial advisor, our Financial Advisor Program can help you navigate these tax-efficient strategies effectively.

  3. Flexibility
    and Control

    With NCF, you can recommend grants to your preferred charitable entities at your own pace. Whether it’s a one-time substantial donation or periodic contributions, we adapt to your giving style.

  4. Unwavering

    Your trust is invaluable. We provide rigorous oversight, ensuring funds are used as intended and upholding transparency and trustworthiness throughout the grant-making process.

  5. Longevity
    and Legacy

    Your charitable fund has the potential to endure for generations. It’s an opportunity to create a lasting legacy, instilling values of philanthropy in future generations and making a sustained impact on the community.

  6. Comprehensive

    NCF boasts a team of philanthropic professionals ready to provide guidance, from fund setup to grant recommendations. You’re never alone in your giving journey; expert advice is always available.

  7. Connection
    to Community

    Engage more deeply with the causes you care about. NCF offers exclusive insights that help you stay connected with the pulse of the community and the broader philanthropic landscape.

  8. Personalized
    Service and Engagement

    We pride ourselves on offering hands-on, personalized service. Instead of relying solely on digital platforms, our dedicated team is always ready to engage with you in person, ensuring your philanthropic journey is meaningful and seamless.

Choosing a charitable fund with NCF isn’t just about giving; it’s about giving smarter, making every dollar count, and fostering genuine, long-lasting change. When you’re ready to amplify your philanthropic journey, we’re here to guide the way.

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