The Lee Family Jumpstarts COVID-19 Emergency Fund with Generous Donation

Duncan R. Lee is the Chair of the Nevada Community Foundation.

We are making this contribution to The COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund at Nevada Community Foundation to benefit not only those who are sick but also small business owners and their employees as they struggle to cope with this unprecedented crisis.

Our family, which includes my wife, Irene, and our two millennial children who now live out-of-state, understands that the Las Vegas community is reliant on the hospitality and tourism industries.  We feel that by working through the Nevada Community Foundation, we can join forces with other donors who benefit from the city’s prosperity to partner with nonprofits addressing the needs of the most affected among us.

We feel compelled to give back and hope to inspire others to do likewise. We can all do something.  It’s not the amount of the gift that counts but the idea that we are all in this together and that we all need to step up during this time of need. We encourage our community to follow social distancing protocols during this global pandemic, and hope that we can all come together to make good decisions for the health and safety of our city and our world.  Together, we are stronger.