Community Initiatives

Built for Zero

Homelessness is the end result of complex system failures, under-supported mental health care, limited housing stock, poverty, addiction, and many other causes. It cannot be solved in a day, by one organization, one grant, or even one initiative.

Yet, as the homelessness crisis worsens across the United States, experts and practitioners all agree that there is one universally effective measure: house them first.

The “Housing First” approach is embodied in Built for Zero, rigorous national change effort designed to help a core group of committed U.S. communities end chronic and veteran homelessness. Through this and other efforts, Southern Nevada is making strides to become the first large community to end chronic homelessness in the country.

The Nevada Community Foundation is one of the partners of this initiative, serving as the fiscal agent that administers the fund on behalf of service provider partners.

Other partners in the initiative include: