Hughes & Jones Music Fund 2023 Grant Opens for Rural County Schools. Application Deadline 3/15/23

Clark & Washoe County schools will be eligible in 2024.

Charles L. Hughes and Alvin C. Jones founded the Hughes & Jones Music Fund in 2006
with the sole purpose of funding musical instruments for Nevada’s public schools. The
goal was to make musical instruments available to students who might not otherwise
be able to afford them and enable local schools to maintain the ownership for student
use for years.

RFP Calendar Cycle:

  • Rural Counties in Spring of Odd Years
  • Clark & Washoe Counties in Spring of Even Years

Funding Amount:

  • Total of $100,000 available for Musical Instruments

2023 Dates:

  • RFP Released January 9th
  • RFP Due March 13th 5pm

Proposal Amount:

  • $5,000 maximum
  • 1 proposal accepted per Program, i.e. Orchestra, Band, Jazz Ensemble, Mariachi, etc.

Grant RFP Application download:
The Hughes & Jones Music Fund is a component of the Nevada Community Foundation
and can be accessed at The RFP will be available to download on January
9, 2023 using the link below: