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Benefits of Working with Nevada Community Foundation

The power of philanthropy to connect cannot be underestimated. Your clients are often more charitable than you think, yet they are not always ready to ask the question, and they don’t always recognize an opportunity to give. Nevada Community Foundation is a cost-free resource to help you distinguish your service and provide value to your clients.

Whether your clients are planning their estates, selling a business or stock options, or managing an inheritance, you can help them achieve their charitable and financial goals by working with the Nevada Community Foundation. With expertise in planned giving, donor services, and grantmaking, we can work with you to tailor a customized solution to meet your clients’ needs.

We are a cost-free resource
Since 1988, Nevada Community Foundation has partnered with lawyers, accountants and financial advisors to help with their clients’ charitable planning. We are your charitable back office, cost-free. Learn more »

We work with you on your client’s investments
You can continue to manage investment of donated assets while we oversee the administration, due diligence, grant distribution, and IRS reporting.

We are a non-ego partner
We’re here to help extend the range of services you offer to your clients. We take our cues from you.

We remove the hassle
Our legal, donor service, and grantmaking professionals are nationally recognized in their fields. We take care of the asset transfers, make grants, handle all the record keeping and reporting, and provide your client with quarterly statements and acknowledgements of gifts and grants.