Corporate Partner Services

Companies have long understood that people seek meaning in their work, a concept that resonates more today than ever before. An employee who believes in the work and the organization is an inspired, engaged, and effective employee, and a powerful agent for success. There are few better ways to create such a connection than through philanthropic engagement.

Our fiscal sponsorship platform is ideal for corporations looking to implement or improve their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. The service allows you to get exactly what you need, whether that is administrative support, a fundraising and events platform, volunteer programming support, and more.

For those who already have a CSR program in place, Nevada Community Foundation experts will help you take your program to the next level, increase participation, and strengthen impact.


OPTION 1: STANDARD package for basic accounting needs

501(c)(3) Status
  • Nevada Community Foundation 501(c)(3) exempt public charity status allows you to do the work and solicit donations immediately without the onerous IRS application process.
Accounting Services
  • Process invoices, grants, and other payments
  • Distribute tax deduction acknowledgement letters of gifts as received
  • Assist with contract design and compliance for potential grant recipients
  • Other regular accounting services
Online Fund Management
  • 24-hour online fund management platform provided through MicroEdge, LLC (“Donor Central”). Quarterly fund statements are uploaded on the system
Contact Point (“Gatekeeping”)
  • Serve as the project point of contact for the general public’s inquiry
  • Serve as “gatekeeper” to clients’ preferences

OPTION 2: ENHANCED package including all standard services + customization

Mission, Vision, Strategy
  • Advise and help develop mission and vision
  • Advise and help develop strategic plan and implementation
Customized Reports
  • Customized reports at the client’s request
Website Management
  • Coordinate with third party web designers with relationship pricing
  • Assist in maintaining and updating website content
  • Integrated payment platform via NCF website and/or third party services

OPTION 3: PREMIUM package including all standard and enhanced services + high level support

Governmental Compliance
  • Prepare and file IRS Form 1099s and IRS Form 990 returns
  • Prepare working papers for financial statement audits or review
  • Maintain D&O insurance coverage and tax reporting infrastructure
Board/Committee Liaison
  • Schedule board, committee, and taskforce meetings
  • Prepare meeting materials, venue and teleconference system
  • Staff transcribe minutes for records and distributions
Board Governance Strategy
  • Board composition and structure development
  • Board governance and risk management assistance
  • Individual or group board training
Grant & Scholarship Management
  • Manage open grant cycles and scholarship cycles, solicit RFPs and applications
  • Work with client and institutions to solicit scholarships, as needed
  • Provide first-level grant review for compliance of application guidelines
Event Facilitation
  • Facilitate event logistics, distribute announcements, serving as point of contact
  • Assist with event program development and timelines
  • Track expenses, revenues, and handle tax acknowledgments