Charles L. Hughes and Alvin C. Jones Music Fund for Nevada Public Schools 2020 Awards

The Hughes & Jones Music Fund for Nevada Public Schools is pleased to announce the Clark and Washoe County Music Awards for 2020.  A total of $152,928 is being awarded to 31 worthy middle and high school music programs this grant cycle. 

In 2006, Charles L. Hughes and Alvin C. Jones created the Hughes & Jones Music Fund with the sole purpose of funding musical instruments to Nevada‚Äôs public schools.  The goal was to make musical instruments available to students who might not otherwise be able to afford them and enable local schools to maintain the ownership for student use for years. By this process school music programs would remain strong and vital, and community events would have the benefit of local student talent.

The Hughes & Jones Music Fund grant cycles are:

  • Nevada rural counties in the spring of odd years
  • Clark and Washoe counties in the spring of even years
School Program County Amount Funded
Billinghurst MS Orchestra Washoe $4,880
Faiss MS Band Clark $5,000
Mendive MS Orchestra Washoe $4,996
Yvonne Shaw MS Band & Orchestra Washoe $5,000
Galena HS Bands Washoe $5,000
Jerome D. Mack MS Band Clark $4,928
Basic Academy Strings Clark $5,000
Bridger MS Band Clark $5,000
Lied STEM Academy Band Clark $5,000
McQueen HS Orchestra Washoe $5,000
Western HS Band Clark $4,974
Sunrise Mountain HS Orchestra Clark $4,856
Shadow Ridge HS Orchestra Clark $5,000
Del Sol Academy Band Clark $5,000
Dilworth STEM Academy MS Orchestra Washoe $4,851
O’Brien STEM Academy Band Washoe $4,400
Kenny Guinn MS Band & Orchestra Clark $4,934
Arbor View HS Band Clark $5,000
Cheyenne HS Band Clark $5,000
Las Vegas Academy World Jazz Clark $5,000
Doral Academy Fire Mesa Band Clark $5,000
Kathleen & Tim Harney MS Mariachi Clark $5,000
Silvestri JHS Band Clark $5,000
Foothill HS Band Clark $5,000
K.O. Knudson Band Clark $5,000
Bonanza HS Jazz Band Clark $4,600
Cimarron Memorial HS Mariachi Clark $5,000
Palo Verde HS Orchestra Clark $4,769
Frank Garside JHS Orchestra Clark $5,000
Durango HS Band & Orchestra Clark $5,000
Schofield MS Band Clark $4,740

Congratulations to the schools, students, instructors, and communities that will enjoy the benefit of these funds for the purchase of musical instruments to strengthen their music education programs.