Collaboration, Innovation, Support

Nevada Community Foundation recognizes the need for impact through collaboration and systems reform, while supporting nonprofits through the generosity of our donors.

As a convener, the Nevada Community Foundation brings non-profit organizations together for collaboration on community issues, shared missions, funding opportunities and program synergies.

Through our initiatives, the Nevada Community Foundation works towards systemic change, systems reform, and a better community.

As a platform for nonprofits, Nevada Community Foundation shares news and updates to highlight organizations successfully impacting our community.

Through the generosity and in the spirit of our donors, the Nevada Community Foundation supports and sustains non-profit organizations with grants given as advised and at the discretion of those donors.

Establish an Organizational Endowment Fund for Your Nonprofit: 

  • Build Long Term Financial Stability
  • Enhance your ability to accept large and complex gifts
  • Enjoy access to skilled planned giving services

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