Helping Donors Find Their Passion and Fulfill Their Charitable Dreams  

Giving Your Way

Nevada Community Foundation offers you many ways to give to help you realize your philanthropic and financial goals, and to turn your charitable dreams in to success stories. The number one reason donors work with us is that we don't tell you what is important to us; we ask what is important to you.

Personal Service

Unlike many national charitable endowment programs, you can enjoy the ability to connect directly with our staff for advice, information and our many donor services. We help you to engage the community, find your passion and practice philanthropy in a way that is meaningful to you. 

Joy, Not Paperwork

A fund at Nevada Community Foundation gives you the opportunity to focus on the joy of giving and the impact of your philanthropy without worrying about the administrative details. We handle the paperwork to establish your fund and take care of the details for all of your grant making.

A Permanent Legacy

Increase your charitable giving dollars. Through our endowment, your initial gift will grow, and its annual distributions will support the community and the causes you care about , forever. Continued tax deductible donations from you, your family and friends can be made easily and at anytime for generations. You can even give online.

Local Knowledge

Throughout the changing community landscape, NCF remains a central source of information on local nonprofit organizations.  We can help you decide where your fund will have the greatest impact, and keep you updated on community needs.


Unlike gifting directly to a charity, with a fund at Nevada Community Foundation, you can choose to help multiple nonprofits as your charitable desires and the community’s needs change.  Our oversight and due dilligence ensures that your donation is spent wisely, without the time and expense of establishing a private foundation [PDF, 236KB]. 

Contact us to speak to our knowledgeable staff and start giving your way!