Charitable Giving With NCF Can Be Personally Rewarding and Financially Sound

You can make an investment in your community AND your financial goals with a fund at Nevada Community Foundation.  Money that would often otherwise go to taxes can have a lasting impact on your community and the causes that you believe in. In addition to the many other benefits of establishing a fund with us, charitable giving through Nevada Community Foundation is also financially sound:

We Are Free

That’s right, we don’t cost you anything!  You will receive the full, allowable charitable tax deduction prior to our low fee, which is assessed to the fund itself after your generous gift.  Any future donations by you or anyone else who donates to your fund are also tax deductible.

We Provide Ongoing Oversight

Your charitable gift will be treated with the same level of attention as your other financial investments.  We provide oversight of the fund’s investment, as well as the consistent monitoring of the non-profits that will receive the benefits of your generosity.

You Can Continue to Work with Your Own Advisors

If you wish, your investment advisor can monitor and manage the fund’s investments with our oversight.

Your Gift Will Have A Permanent Impact

Rather than writing a check directly to a nonprofit, establishing a fund at Nevada Community Foundation is a permanent way to support the causes you care about.  The initial gift will grow as an endowed fund, allowing annual gifts to be made…forever. 

We Will Always Be Here

Unlike many nonprofit organizations, Community Foundations exist in perpetuity, meaning they never close or go out of business.  We will always be here to responsibly manage your donation in a way that will impact the community for generations.  If a charity that you designate closes or loses their nonprofit status, our Board of Directors will redirect grants to similar charitable organizations to ensure that your original charitable intent is honored. 

Read about our donor services and contact us to establish a fund at Nevada Community Foundation.